EU Certification

Certification Flow( For JAS / NOP / EU )

Certification Flow( For JAS / NOP / EU )
* OMIC Fee Estimate Application (EU)

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  1. Your enquiry is anytime welcome. OMIC will explain Certification Flow, Application documents to be prepared in accordance with standards & requirements, Fee Schedule, Requirements to be agreed by applicants by providing relevant documents.
  2. Please fill in “OMIC Fee Estimate Application” and send it to OMIC.
  3. OMIC, after confirming the content of “OMIC Fee Estimate Application” prepares “Quotation for Organic Certification” and send it to you.
  4. Should you agree with “Quotation for Organic Certification”, please sign in “Certification Order Sheet” (2nd page of “Quotation for Organic Certification”) and send it to OMIC.
  5. You are required to submit “Application for Organic Certification” and other supporting documents which are listed in “List of required documents for Organic Certification” to be provided by OMIC. (Since preparation of the supporting documents is time consuming, you are able to submit whichever ready for submission without waiting for completion of all documents.)
  6. After receiving “Application for Organic Certification”, OMIC will send the applicant two sets of signed “Contract on Organic Certification”. Please send one set back to OMIC with your signature after confirming its content. In the meantime, OMIC will send debit note for application fee.
  7. OMIC commences inspection of documents submitted by applicants. Should there be any additional information and/or correction required, you are required to follow up.
  8. Upon completion of document inspection, OMIC communicates with the applicant to fix on-site inspection schedule and notifies it in writing.
  9. The nominated inspector conducts on-site inspection which consists of interview to key persons of the applied operation, physical inspection of facilities. Upon request, OMIC are able to conduct training seminar about organic regulation to applicant staff at request.
  10. After confirming the cost incurred for on-site inspection, OMIC sends debit note for inspection fee and annual fee.
  11. The inspector completes a report compiling the findings through document review and on-site inspection and submits the report together with application documents to judgment meeting.
  12. Judgment Meeting makes decision whether or not to approve the certification.
  13. OMIC notifies the judgment results the applicant. In case of notifying negative results, its reason is also informed. Should the applicant is able to correct the non-compliance, re-application is acceted.
  14. “CERTIFICATE” is issued after confirming remittance from applicant. Inspector’s report will be sent the applicant together with “CERTIFICATE”.

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Operation subject to Certification(EU)

Operation Category of Certification
Production of Plant (Crop) P1
Production of Plant (Wild Crop) P2
Preparation of plant product (Packaging only) H1
Preparation of plant product (Processing) H2

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Fee Plan ( EU )

OMIC’s fee plan for EU certification and its continuation and annual maintenance is shown in the following table. If you would like to have our quotation, please kindly fill in ”OMIC Fee Estimate Application“ for any particular cases. Since we have a special discount plan for simultaneous application for JAS and/or NOP together with EU, please kindly contact us.

【Basic Fee Plan for Certification, its continuation and annual maintenance (Unit : US$)】

Category Initial Certification   Annual Audit Certification Management
  Application Fee On-Site Inspection On-Site Inspection  
Production of Plant (Crop)  = P1 600.- 1,200.- 1,000.- 600.-
Production of Plant (Wild Crop) = P2 300.- 600.- 500.- 600
Preparation of plant product (Packaging only) = H1 300.- 600.- 500.- 600.-
Preparation of plant product (Processing) = H2 600.- 1,200.- 1,000.- 600.-
P1 + H1 800.- 1,600.- 1,200.- 1,200.-
P1 + H2 1,000.- 2,000.- 1,400.- 1,200.-
P2 + H1 500.- 1,000.- 600.- 1,200.-
P2 + H2 600.- 1,200.- 1,000.- 1,200.-

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References to be applied for certification( EU )

EU Regulations

  1. Council Regulation (EC) No. 834/2007 on Organic products and labelling of organic products
  2. Commission Regulation (EC) No. 889-2008 laying down detailed rules for the implementation of Council Regulation (EC) No. 834/2007 with regard to organic production, labelling and control
  3. Commission Regulation (EC) No. 1235-2008 laying down detailed rules for implementation of Council Regulation (EC) No. 834/2007 as regards the arrangements for imports of organic products from third countries

Standard to be applied for Certification

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Requirements to Applicants / Certified Operators

OMIC requires all applicants to apply EU organic certification to agree with “The memorandum for consigned OMIC organic certification services” by concluding a contract.

Should you have any question on the above memorandum, please feel free to contact OMIC.

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Accreditation & Qualification

OMIC is accredited to ISO17065: 2012 by International Organic Accreditation Service Inc. (IOAS) for the scope of Equivalent European Union Organic Production & Processing Standard for Third Countries.

IOAS Certificate of Accreditation

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